Archange Antoine – May 21

Coming to preach and share his story on Sunday, May 21 is Archange Antoine, of Faith NJ.  Mr. Antoine organized the protest marches Mtr. Diana and other clergy participated in to support Catalino Guerrero, who was facing possible deportation.  

Antoine Archange next to Mtr. Diana (in rainbow stole) leads the clergy in prayer.

Archange Antoine represents a dynamic fusion of passion and dedication through his tireless efforts toward providing realistic approaches for improving the quality of life for poor and middle-class people. His unique ability to connect with individuals from various walks of life gives him the ability to empower others to undertake active roles in their communities and in the political process. Archange constantly utilizes the power of education, love and faith as tools to keep him in the fight for improving the quality of life for people and addressing inequalities, racial, economic and environmental injustices in different communities in America. His ministry is to challenge people of faith to be more active in issues of injustice and to help cultivate the next generation of leaders who will lead the State of New Jersey and the United States of America.