Christ Church Grows By 42%!

fall festLast year (2016) we grew by 7%, and over the past three years, by 42%!

Why?  Well, maybe it is because we encourage people to think, to question, and to open themselves up to new possibilities.  Or maybe it is our diverse congregation – gay, straight, old, young, and multi-cultural, & multi-racial, highlighted in an article on diverse congregations published in the International Business Times.  Or, maybe it is because of what these people said:

From parishioners:

“Today is Christ’s Church annual meeting here in the Parish Hall. It was so encouraging to hear the congregation has grown by over 40%! Our wonderful minister Mother Diana Wilcox gave a powerful sermon today about the need for us all to stay strong and vigilant just like Christ did for social justice for ALL people regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or religious or non religious background. God is blessing our church! Come check us out!”

“The sermon was very moving to me to and I am so glad to be part of a parish family that is so open and welcoming to all. That is so rare unfortunately and we are truly blessed.”

And from a visitor:

“It was like I felt spiritually comforted while at the same time I felt like I was in somebody’s living room. Ever feel like something was over choreographed? Well this wasn’t. Yes there was an order to things which there should be, but it still had the warmth of a Thanksgiving dinner.”

Come and find out more some Sunday, because it really is as they described – shouldn’t church always feel like that?

For more information, check out our Annual Report here: Annual Reports