Dear Friends,

We are glad that you are considering having the celebration and blessing of your marriage or civil union at Christ Episcopal Church. Legally, the ceremony is a simple contract witnessed and executed before a justice. For Christians, however, the ceremony is so much more. It is a service of worship, a special occasion of joy in which two people publicly declare before God, their families and friends, and their faith community their commitment to enter into a life-long union. The couple also receives the commitment of continued support from everyone gathered. And they receive the blessing and grace of God. 
In this spirit of community, we have set the guidelines here for you to review as you plan for your wedding here at Christ Church.

Yours in Christ,

The Rev. Diana Wilcox


General Guidelines

  • All marriage or civil unions at Christ Church are performed by the clergy of Christ Church, occasionally assisted by another member of the clergy (Episcopal, or of another denomination or faith), at the discretion of the Rector.
  • The clergy take their role as celebrant at a marriage or civil union seriously. Therefore, we need to know you and feel comfortable performing the ceremony for you, and that takes time – a minimum of nine (9) months from our first meeting.
  • No marriages or civil unions are permitted at Christ Church during the penitential season of Lent.
  • It is not necessary to be an Episcopalian, but at least one of the persons must be a baptized Christian
  • All marriages are done according to the Marriage Rite of the Book of Common Prayer, 1979. All civil unions are done according to a rite based on this same service. Both are done  with appropriate dignity and order.
  • If one or both of you is divorced, you must bring a certified copy of the final decree(s) for examination by the Rector and for submission to our diocesan Bishop for his/her consent. If either of you has been divorced more than once, we will recommend outside counseling before we begin.

Meeting with the Clergy

  • …The first step is an introductory meeting with the clergy to discuss your plans and timing.
  • Then you will be expected to meet with the clergy for pre-marital counseling at least three more times before the ceremony. If you do not live in this area, you may meet with another clergy person known by us to be competent and responsible. You will discuss the experiences and hopes you each bring to the marriage and the role of a faith community in your new life together.

Reserving the Church

  • …Call the church office to determine the availability of the church on the desired day. Sundays are usually not available.
  • …Schedule the wedding rehearsal as well. It is usually held the evening before the wedding. The marriage license must be brought to the rehearsal.
  • Special arrangements must be made with the church office, should you wish to use the Parish Hall after the wedding.

Meeting with the Organist

  • …Music for the service is chosen by the couple in consultation with our Music Director, William (Bill) Davies. He will normally play for all weddings and will arrange for soloists and instrumentalists as desired.
  • …Any unusual musical requests must be submitted to the Rector for approval. Non-sacred music should be reserved for the wedding reception. 

Photographers, Flowers and other Details

  • …All photographers must meet with the clergy prior to the ceremony. Photographers may not interfere with the ceremony in any way, including movement, proximity to the wedding party, flash or any special lighting. 
  • …The church office must be contacted in advance by your florist for discussion of the appropriate size of altar floral arrangements and aisle decorations. The church will need to know when the florist will arrive on the day of the wedding.
  • …The content of service bulletins must be approved by the Rector. A simple bulletin with the full service will be provided if the couple desires one. 
  • …Christ Church seats approximately 250 in the main pews, and another 250 with added chairs and side-pews. The church is handicapped accessible.
  • …Parking is available on neighborhood streets and in the municipal lot across Bloomfield Avenue.
  • …Aisle runners, rice, and confetti are not permitted due to insurance restrictions.

Members of the Parish

Organist     $200

Sexton       $100

Priest         Donation


Organist     $200

Sexton       $100

Priest         $600

Office         $100

Church       $2,000

Additional Fees

Rehearsal with Organist  $100

Use of the Parish Hall     Fees Vary – Separate Contract Required