Instructed Eucharist – Oct 29

Rich, deep liturgical worship is a hallmark of Anglicanism, of which the Episcopal Church is a part. Yet even cradle Episcopalians, as well as visitors, will often ask (or wonder privately) about the worship we do: “Why do you this?” or “What does this mean?”  Or, there may be meanings we have come to impart on certain traditions that are separate from their actual roots. On this Sunday before the 500th anniversary of the day that Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenburg, we will learn how the Reformation is alive today in the words we say, and the actions we do.

In an effort to help answer these important questions, we will spend a Sunday morning walking through the liturgy, explaining the various “movements” along the way. As our liturgy speaks our theology, this will serve as the homily for the day, because our very body, minds, and spirits – actively engaged in the worship – is a statement of faith as strong as any homily itself.  

So, whether you just walked in the doors of the church last week, or have been coming here for years, there will surely be some surprises for you, and in this deeper knowledge of the service, we will find future services to be all the more impactful to our faith.