Sunday Forums

Mtr. Diana will be leading a multi-part series on the Gospel of Matthew.Come see for yourself the clear and distinct interpretation  of this evangelist on the identity of Jesus, and what that meant then, and now.  The dates are Sunday, March 5th and March 12th after the 10:30am service coffee hour in the Coursen Room.  So grab a cup o’ joe, something to munch, and then come as we bring the text alive!

Following this two-part series, Mtr. Diana will lead a forum on “Women At The Well.” 
Did you know that even the bible had a pattern to story telling similar to our boy-meets-girl? Or, as one pop song put it “In chapter one he meets her…who wrote the book of love?”  In the bible, there are several boy meets girl at the well motifs.  Why?

We will explore why – the symbols used, what they meant, and why the version of this story we hear in the Gospel of John would have been a bit shocking.