Healing Eucharist – Apr 12

healing euchOn Wednesday evening in Holy Week, we will open the church at 7pm for our usual Labyrinth Walk, and rather than Compline, a service of word and healing will be done, ending in the celebration of the Eucharist. For many, 2017 has gotten off to a rough start, or 2016 was a bit rocky. As we move toward the darkest of moments in our faith, Good Friday, it is time for us to be healed of the crosses we bear, so that we might more easily journey with Him as he goes toward his own cross. This will be a simple service, with an opportunity to name, silently or aloud, the burdens of our own hearts, receive a healing prayer and blessing, and share in the Eucharist of love given freely to all. So join with us that night, and bring anyone else who you feel might benefit from this experience.